( The Giza Pyramids)                                                                                        (Khufu's Pyramid and the Sphinx)                                 (Step Pyramid of Djoser)

The Ancient Pyramids of Egypt are known as one of the world’s greatest wonders and without the use of archaeologists and their numerous excavations we would not understand half has much of the ancient civilization as we do now. The Giza Pyramids and the Step Pyramid of Djoser are only two of many different pyramids throughout Egypt, but many were not left standing or remained unfinished. According to Lehner, The Pyramids were used for different concepts such as labor projects, temple and ritual centre, embodiment of light and shadow and the union of heaven and earth, encapsulating the mystery of death and rebirth. (32)” Although Egyptologists and archaeologist spend many years excavating sights of Egyptian Pyramids theories are still yet to be proven. The Egyptian pyramids celebrated the rebirth of the greatest Pharaohs and the passing into the heavens, as Lehner states: “Four points for the base, square on the earth, and a centre point drawn up towards heaven—conveys the uplifting of spirit that has inspired the human career.” (32)