Introduction to the Pyramids

                 The Egyptian Pyramids are one of the worlds greatest wonders; they are filled with complete mystery inside and out. The Ancient Egyptians believed highly in the continuance of life after-death, which could only be obtained by providing the dead with specific rituals and assisting the gods by creating a protecting tomb. The Egyptians believed that in order to gain access to the “Underworld” the dead needed to be buried in the “pit of the tomb.”(16) The Pyramids of Egypt are the greatest pharaoh’s entrance into their afterlife. These Pyramids are a miracle hard to understand but, with the use of Archeologists and their excavation sites we are learning more about the ancient mysteries of these unexplainable architectural wonders. In Miraslov Verner's dedication she states “Pyramids have been built in various places on earth, at various times, and for various purposes. But only a few have been considered wonders of the world ever since antiquity—the Egyptian Pyramids.” (50)