(statue of Khafre)

The second largest of the three Pyramids is built by Khufu’s son, Khafre. Khufu’s successor, also known as Chephren, attempted to follow in his father’s footsteps by portraying his supreme power and accomplishments through building his own Pyramid.  (16) The first sightings of Khafre’s complex were by the Germans under Uvo Holschers excavations in 1909 (18). Similar to his father, Khafre’s pyramid was called “Great is Khafre”but in contrast to his father’s Great Pyramid, his cambers and passage systems were less complicated and based more off a simplistic architecture (32). “Khafre’s pyramid was one of the last to lose its casing (18).” Khafre’s Pyramid stands relatively higher as it sits on a more elevated part of the necropolis, as well its walls appear steep and in better condition therefore making it seem bigger (50).

 Khafre's Pyramid

(Khafre's pyramid and the sphinx)