(Menkaure statue)

                Out of the three Pyramids, Menkaure’s is the smallest due to the economic decline during his time of reign. Menkaure was the son of Khafre, making him the grandson of Khufu, his pyramid called “Menkaure is Divine” (32).  During George Reisner’s excavations at Giza, he concluded that Menkaure’s pyramid was made out of mud-brick and after his twenty-six year ruling, his death resulted in his Pyramid complex unfinished. Shepseskaf, Menkaure’s successor hurriedly finished his Pyramid, but with the traditional Turah limestone replicating the building of Menkaure’s father’s before him (32). Inside of Menkaure’s Pyramid archaeologists have concluded that inside there is evidence of the first purely decorative element since the step pyramids of Djoser (32).

(Menkaure's pyramid)