Step Pyramid of Djoser:

-          Netjerikhet, founder of the third dynasty, more widely by New Kingdom inhabitants known as Djoser, created the first structure known as the Step Pyramids (32). Excavations of Saqqara didn’t begin until the early nineteenth century with excavator Von Minutoli. Inside the step pyramid Vonn Minutoli discovered mummy remains with inscriptions naming Djoser 18).  The Step Pyramid at Saqqara is known as the first royal stone complex presented in Egypt. Similar to the Giza Pyramids the Step pyramid was built out of limestone and is said to be a basic template of Egyptian art and architecture… (32)”. According to excavator of the Saqqara site, Jean-Philippe Lauer stated that there were six stages in order to build the Step Pyramid of Djoser. The Step Pyramid began as a mastaba, which was then overtime built up to become the Step Pyramid. Mark Lehner states “Djoser’s Step Pyramid in its final stage rose in six steps to a height of 60m with a base measuring 121 x 109m (32).” The greatest wonder to Djoser’s Step pyramid is that underneath the structure, the Egyptians created an underground complex. Lehner explains that the underground portion of the pyramid is the most complex regarding other pyramids of its time (32).